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Our organization Uttar Purush based on Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

is one of the oldest and leading theatre groups of Odisha that has been at the fore-front of theatre renaissance in the state in modern times. Founded in 1970 and registered in 1972 by some likeminded people like Late Asim Basu, (renowned Theatre Actor, Director, Art Director, Painter, Poet, Columnist), Late Raicharan Mohanty, Late Gourishyam Mohapatra and Mr Banchhanidhi Pattnaik who were committed to art, culture and social development. Uttar Purush has been steadily moving forward on its chosen path, crossing many a mile-stone and bringing in to its fold a number a prominent artist, theatre persons, writers, scholars and media persons and doing regular theatre and theatre related activities.

  • Free from ideological prejudices and the compulsion of political correctness, Uttar Purush has been able to spearhead a theatre movement in Odisha which many have joined later on. Our mission has always been the development, thereof, especially in the interest of the future generation.
  • In keeping with this objective, we have been able to stage a number of popular and much acclaimed plays in Bhubaneswar and different parts of Odisha which have remained as landmarks in the world of theatre. Appreciated as much by the connoisseurs as by the common folks, our plays have always had a socially relevant messages delivered with telling impact.
  • We are organising our annual theatre festival named “NATAKA PARIKRAMA” by involving only the artist of our organization which are directed by also the directors of different genre from our organization too.

We are also doing the regular theatre workshop named “RANGABHARATI” for the enthusiastic new budding artist to train them and create an interest and awareness among them for theatre. We Our other activities include Seminars and Symposiums on theatre, Street Plays etc. which aim at socio-cultural development, propagation of our socio-cultural tradition and basic human values.


Our Recent Organize Events

Sesha Adhyaya


  • Play wright : Sanjay Praharaj
  • Director : Dr. Prashnna Kumar Mishra

Suryasta Purbaru


  • Play wright : Dr. Jagannath Prasad Das
  • Director : Dr. Chakradhara Patra



  • Play wright : Chittaranjan Chiranjit
  • Director : Dr. Debadatta Pati



  • Play wright : Dr. Narayan Sahoo
  • Director : Dr. Prasnna Kumar Mishra
  • Asst.Director : Nishikanta Nayak

Narira Kankala


  • Play wright : Prashanta Praksh , Kalki Kekla (Orginal)
  • TransLator : Shakti Mohanty
  • Director : Debadata Pati
  • Asst.Director : Chakradhar & Nishikanta



  • Play wright : Dr. Basanta Kumar Mohapatra
  • Director : Debadata Pati
  • Asst.Director : Chakradhar & Nishikanta


Our Founding & Executive Member

Late Asim Basu

Founding Member

Late Gourishyam Mohapatra

Founding Member

Mr. Banchhanidhi Pattnaik

Founding Member

Dr. Prasanna Mishra


Mr Chittaranjan Swain

Vice President

Mr. Debadatta Pati


Dr.Hari Prasad Pattnaik

Executive Member

Ms. Gouri Mohanty

Executive Member

Mr. Soumya Ranjan Mishra

Executive Member

Dr. Chakradhar Patra



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Utkal Karate School, 4A, Unit-09, Sachivalay Marg, Bhubaneswar-751022

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06:00 PM - 09:00 PM

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